With more than 1,300 people providing in excess of 10,000 hours of service each year, Santa Maria volunteers offer their time and talents for the betterment of the clients and our facilities.  We cannot thank them enough for their hard work, dedication and compassion to make a difference.

If you or your group would like to volunteer, we welcome the opportunity.  Please see below for opportunities and to download the Volunteer Application. Thank you.

Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Pam Vangiessen pvangiessen@santamariahostel.org or call 713-957-2413 for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Group Projects

This is a great way to get your co-workers, friends and/or family together and make a big impact on the women and children while having a rewarding experience to share.

Projects can range anywhere from light construction renovations such as installing new windows or painting to creating play areas for the children and landscaping.    There are also opportunities for interactive events and activities with the clients of Santa Maria such as:  arts and crafts, holiday parties, carnivals and much more.

Cuddles Program

Would you be interested in spending a few hours, once a week, rocking, holding and cuddling babies? Throughout the 90-day intensive rehab program, the moms are required to spend 30 hours in class/group. We need volunteers willing to come in and give them a hand.

Recovery Coach

Recovery coaches support any positive change, helping persons coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals not related to addiction such as relationships, work, education etc. Recovery coaching is action oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching goals for the future.

Retreat Workshops

If any church programs are interested in hosting a retreat for our women, day camp for children or family group on a Friday evening or Saturday.  Meditation, prayer, speakers and / or crafts are possible objectives for these retreats. The mission is to give a brief reprieve in which clients can enjoy and reflect on the purpose of living a substance free life.

Gardening Group

Santa Maria Hostel is looking for a group of women who are passionate about the transformation of a living garden and how that impacts the spirit of those who enjoy the beauty that unfolds. For women in the process of recovery watching and participating in the growth of a seedling to its maturity parallels their path to recovery…

KIT (Keep in Touch)

KIT is a program for children separated from their moms by drug rehab or custody and suffer strong feelings of abandonment. This is only made worse when they don’t get mail from their mom. The KIT program provides mothers the tools for them to communicate, on no less than a monthly basis through cards, postage, assistance with addresses and writing.


Family nights are special times each week when the families of the Santa Maria Hostel women are invited to come to our facilities and attend group educational sessions.  Unfortunately, some families are either unwilling or unable to participate, leaving these women with no family support system while they are in treatment.

Would you be willing to stand in the gap one evening per week and be there for those women throughout their stay at Santa Maria Hostel?

Life Skills for Daily Living

As the women of Santa Maria progress in their pursuit of recovery, they learn just how many everyday skills they have either lost or never had. In order to address this deficit, volunteers may offer special learning sessions designed to teach our clients how to balance their checkbooks, plan nutritious meals, shop prudently, organize important papers and files and how to manage many other aspects of their daily living.


An important component of a woman’s recovery is learning that she is not alone. Our women have found that spirituality groups make such a difference in helping them to accept the need for support from others, to reach out to others, and to establish a relationship with a “Higher Power” of their choosing. If you have experience and knowledge of 12-step recovery and spirituality, our clients could benefit from your experience.


There are so many aspects of providing treatment and the clerical duties associated with this wonderful opportunity are numerous. Your clerical skills would be a great asset to the administrative offices, our program directors and our medical records team at all sites.

Homework Assistance and Tutoring

Many of the children of our clients experience academic difficulties. Would you be interested in assisting a client’s child with their homework or helping them to learn their multiplication tables? Your help is needed at our Parker Road site to assist these children in the learning process and remove one more concern from an already over-burdened mother.